My Ideal Boyfriend

I would like to believe that the law of attraction is real and that I am not just wasting my time. Expectations can give a simple girl, a headache, but only so much can keep me warm at night…

Anyway,  here is the profile of my ideal guy. They are NOT in order of importance.

  • 1)      Age: 19-26 (this obviously changes as time goes on, but overall I don’t want a guy to be more than 5 years older than me

  • 2)      Gender: Male, not someone who was born a female and identifies as a male but someone born as a male.

  • 3)      Sexual Orientation: Straight obviously, but I am okay with someone who is Bi.

  • 4)      Height: At least 5’7-9″ and obviously no maximum height. THIS can’t be me….At the end of the day, if I meet a guy I really connect with, I will not let height get in the way.

  • 5)      Race: Not going to lie, my type of guy is most likely seen among white guys but skin color is one of the last things on my list. I find most races/ethnicities hot, minus two here and there. Not racist, just not sexually attracted to them for personal reasons.

  • 6)      What do they look like? (i.e, hair color, eye color, etc). I am a sucker for dark brown hair, preferably the ‘fuck boy flow’ type. Eye color doesn’t matter because I will have the prettier eyes in the relationship. I just want there to be enough for me to run my fingers through it. Not a fan of short hair.

  • 7)   What do they want to be when they grow up/what do they want to do with their lives? This one is tricky. I want someone with a drive in life, but nothing crazy, like ambitions to be the next president when they clearly aren’t cut out for it. *cough* 

  • EXTRAS: I love love love love hockey players.  Out of all of the guys I’ve been with in my life, the hockey players have been the best. But hey, that doesn’t mean that a guy is out of the running if he isn’t a beast on the ice. 

  • You listen to the Weeknd: Any guy who actually KNOWS the Weeknd and doesn’t  just know the popular ones is the best <3. Guys with my music taste are a HUGE turn on for me. Music connects people on another level. I could hate your guts but if we like the same artists, you’re automatically semi okay in my books and I can look past your terrible personality for 3-6 minutes, depending on the song. 



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