My Yearly Horoscope: As told by Cosmopolitan


April 21 — May 21: Revel in the crazy year ahead, but be sure to carve out quiet moments.


Hottest day: Nov. 08

Romance will come at you hella hot and heavy this year! Only spare time for people who bring you joy.

I wonder who it will be, if anyone. I read the other horoscopes and mine was the most love oriented. Maybe this will be my time! 🙂

Single? A steamy March affair may get you fired up, but stay open to someone who has the bod and the brain in June. Later, follow your bliss in October, even if it’s with the last person you expected.

I have a big feeling as to who it bod guy is, and I know who has his bod but the brains that go along with it. I honestly hope one of the two work out because I like both guys, one more than the other. I don’t want the bliss that I have to follow, to be someone I don’t even know.

Coupled? Things could get intense in a less-than-stellar way. Ask yourself if things are heading in the way you want. He might want to take it to the next level this summer, so examine what’s in your heart in June. Be ready: If you’re still together in December, he might try to put a ring on it.

The Stand-and-Deliver

Mix work with werk by leaning back against a desk or table and having a meeting for two of magical proportions. Hold him close with one arm around his shoulder and wrap your legs around his waist to be the real VIP.


Happiest Day: July 20

Keep your iCal and frequent-flier number handy. This year is all about travel and networking. Connections you make now will help you for a long time. Shrug off your cautious side and take some risks — it will pay off in a big way. June brings excellent chances to show your artsy side. Relax with family and friends in October in order to refresh yourself before a possible big move.

Oh Great, another busy year! haha I am excited about the networking though, I need that. I will take some risks this year, especially when it comes to going somewhere for spring break. I don’t want to move though… lol


Power Day: April 11

You want workouts that keep you centered, not a drill sergeant who makes you drop and give 50. Activities like yoga that engage your mind and body will help you stay grounded, and time spent breaking a sweat outdoors, especially over the summer, will bring good vibes.



Break a sweat in a simple, romantic top. Try a Cinched Bow Tank from Kate Spade New York & Beyond Yoga, &113, Because even your soap should be pretty. Try Babe Australia Be Rad Body Wash, $38,


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