America is accused of playing the Race Card Once Again

Now, I don’t know the full story, nor was I there. Never will I try and claim that I was anywhere within this post. I am simply a pissed off American. (Pardon my French).

These four teenagers attacked a mentally challenged guy whom people are saying is a Trump supporter. Whether or not this is true, I do not know. However, even if he was a Trump Supporter, it does not make this crime justifiable. No Trump supporter should be beaten alive and harassed. No human should be beaten alive. Trump Supporters are humans too, but this isn’t about Trump or his supporters.  

This is about the fact that 4 teens are most likely going to get away with a crime that. Why? Because they are African American and arresting them would be seen as discrimination.

Let’s be honest, America. If the same situation happened but it was 4 Caucasian teens that harassed an African American guy/girl? Instant jail time, but that’s just my opinion. Hopefully, the judge can look past their skin color and look at the crime that occurred, because that is what is on trial here, not one’s skin. 

UPDATE: These Teens were charged and do not have a bail. 


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