Look Who’s Back

Who knew that a movie about Hilter that doesn’t depict him as the terrible human being he was, would be so popular? Well, that’s exactly what I thought prior to watching it tonight with my younger brother on Netflix.  The best part? Everyone in Germany is oblivious to it and sees him as this new satirical comedian. I guess it is easier for people to believe that he was a comedian and not someone that was somehow magically reincarnated after 70 something years.  Overall, the movie was good. I’m not a huge fan of the German language so it was hard for me to bare through the hour and forty minute long film, but it was quite worth it. The movie was hilarious and made me laugh hysterically on several occasions. One part of it stuck out the most, though, with said part being the ending.
Hiter= Italics

Sawatzki =Bold

You’re a monster

Am I? Then you have to condemn those who elected this monster. Were they all monsters? No, they were ordinary people who chose to elect an extraordinary man, and entrust the fate of the country to him. What do you want to do, Sawatzki? Ban elections?

No, but I am going to stop you. 

Have you ever asked yourself why people follow me? Because at their core they are just like me. They have the same values. And that’s why you won’t shoot.

You can’t get rid of me. I am a part of you. A part of all of you. And look: It wasn’t all that bad.

This part sticks out to me because the first person I thought of was Trump.  I remember when he was elected, everyone was so upset and shocked. Honestly, the whole thing wasn’t that shocking to me. A lot of  people share his core values, but does that mean that they are racist? No.

Yes, there are extremists but come on… there are extremists everywhere that make the rest of any group look terrible. Trump was elected because people are tired of the PC world we live in. People can’t say the word, for example ‘retarded’, without the fear of getting shot. (Not really but that is what it feels like).

One’s words should not matter as much as one’s actions. Don’t believe me? Just look at these two quotes:

“Countless millions who have walked this earth before us have gone through this, so this is just an experience we all share.”

“A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, that’s for sure.”

Which would you want as a leader?

The first one was Ted Bundy and the second? George Bush.

All I’m saying is that next time you judge someone based off their words, look at their actions first.





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