Tumblr Questions

I didn’t really have anything eventful to write about so I decided to go on Tumblr and find some questions to answer.

1. Are looks important in a relationship?

Yes, they are. Now, they are not the most important thing in the world but they are pretty important. Of course, it is the soul that matters more but I also have to like looking at the vessel that it comes in, if you catch my drift. 
2. Are relationships ever worth it?

Clearly they are worth it, and not just dating wise. Friendships are worth it too. Whether or not friendships are worth it for the rest of your life, that is not for me to decide but for the people in the relationship.  Clearly some things are harder in life then they should be another not all relationships are worth it other than in the moment, but overall I think they’re worth it.
3. Are you a virgin?

In the moment that this is being written, yes I am a virgin.
4. Are you in a relationship?

No, I am currently single. As usual.
5. Are you in love?

I honestly wish I was. 
6. Are you single this year?

No, I started off in a triple with my two best friends but now I am in a double because one of my friends transferred. 
7. Can you commit to one person?

Physically? Yes, not a problem. Emotionally? Only if they fufill me emotionallly and don’t leave gaps in my heart. But that is what friends are for. They fill the voids that a lover doesn’t. 
8. Describe your crush

Handsome, adorable smile, gorgeous eyes, really nice hands. 
9. Describe your perfect mate

That’s really hard, but they would have to be someone who makes me smile uncontrollably whenever I am with them. Someone who puts in just as much effort as I put into them, and someone whom it just feels right being with. 
10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

No, purely because that’s just lust. 
11. Do you ever want to get married?

Of course I do!
12. Do you forgive betrayal?

According to Urban Dictionary (I know right, credible source) Betrayal is: 

1. putting loyalty in someone, and them turning theirs on you.
2. friends stabbing you in the back.
3. the most hurtful thing anyone can do.

Can I forgive this? Sure I have to, since the deed has already been done. Will I ever forgive the person? I’d have to weight the pros and cons of the relationship.
13. Do you get jealous easily?

Yes, but only certain people.
14. Do you have a crush on anyone?

Yes I do. Several people actually.
15. Do you have any piercings?

Just my ears but I have been looking into a septum piercing. 
16. Do you have any tattoos?

No I do not.
17. Do you like kissing in public?

I love kissing in public, it is so much fun. 
20. Do you shower every day?

No, I do not.  You aren’t supposed to. 
21. Do you think someone has feelings for you?

I have been told by someone(s) that they have feelings for me but whether or not they are legitimate, I do not know.
22. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?

I sure hope he is.
23. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?

Of course.
24. Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years?

No! Haha. I am too young for that. 
25. Do you want to be in a relationship this year?

Yes I do. I really do. I hope I will. 
26. Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you?

One person. 
27. Has someone ever written a song or poem for you?

I have had a song written about me, and to be honest I kind of like it. The lyrics hurt me, however it is nice to know I affected someone that much to where they would write a song about me. 
28. Have you ever been cheated on?

Technically, but we never dated. 
29. Have you ever cheated on someone?

Nope. Never.
30. Have you ever considered plastic surgery? If so, what would you change about your body?

Yes! My boobs, stomach and butt.
31. Have you ever cried over a guy/girl?

Literally so many times I can’t count.
32. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?

You mean, my life?
33. Have you ever had sex with a man?

34. Have you ever had sex with a woman?

35. Have you ever kissed someone older than you?

I don’t know the ages of the people I kissed.
36. Have you ever liked one of your best friends?

Yes. I have. They’re no longer in my life.
37. Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated?

Nope, but they like people I hate. It pisses me off but they have the right to like whoever they want to.
38. Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?

Yes, one of the guys I currently like. 
39. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?

Literally everyone I have liked in my life.
40. Have you ever written a song or poem for someone?

Nope, not yet at least. 
41. Have you had sex so far this year?

How many times do I have to admit that I am a virgin??
42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?

 5 Minutes tops?
43. How long was your longest relationship?

Never been in one
44. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

45. How many people did you kiss in 2012?

Oh goodness… none
46. How many times did you have sex last year?

For the fourth time…. ZERO
47. How old are you?

19 🙂
48. If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say?

“Good luck with *Name here*” and just walk away.
49. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her?

50. If your first true love knocked on your door with apology and presents, would you accept?

I already did, except it was an apology text.
51. Is there a boy/girl who you would do absolutely everything for?

I do absolutely anything for anyone.
52. Is there anyone you’ve given up on? Why?

I want to give up on some people but I am trying so hard to make it work. 
53. Is there someone mad because you’re dating/talking to the person you are?

54. Is there someone you will never forget?

I will never forget anyone I come across. 
55. Share a relationship story.

Wish I had one
56. State 8 facts about your body

Green eyes

Double Jointed in every finger

Crooked middle fingers

Scoliosis very mild

One boob is smaller

I have ear piercings

I have a lot of self consciousness 

One leg is longer than the other?
57. Things you want to say to an ex

No ex’s here
58. What are five ways to win your heart?

1-Be cute

2- Love the weeknd as much as me

3-Make me feel like there is no other girl in the world.
59. What do you look like? (Post a picture!)

60. What is the biggest age difference between you and any of your partners?

Again, never dated.
61. What is the first thing you notice in someone?

Their hands and or shoes.
62. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you?

Call me gorgeous and actually mean it. 
63. What is your definition of “having sex”?

Dick in the vagina. 
64. What is your definition of cheating?

Sleeping with someone or doing anything intimate with someone other than your partner whilst in a relationship.  There are different types of cheating.
65. What is your idea of the perfect date?

Buffalo Wild Wings and a Bruins Game ❤
66. What is your sexual otumblr_ojabqjzfqo1umrfzzo1_1280rientation?

67. Would you ever date someone off of the Internet?
I was about to but never did. So, No. 


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