Low Life

Today while I was preparing dinner I got a phone call from some guy in Florida. Clearly, I wasn’t anticipating this phone call as I was busy and not sitting around waiting for them to call. I picked up and the person asked me what I was doing. Being the sassy girl I am, I shot back with a “Why do you care, stranger?” and the conversation didn’t last much longer than that. The gentleman on the other end asked if he could call back later and then just hung up. Maybe he realized it was the wrong number, who knows. However, when I hung up I noticed a voicemail, from the same guy. I listened to it. It was disgusting, but here is a transcript.


Hey, whats up? Uh… I’m just thinking about you. *Moans* Thinking about the things I Wanna do to you right now. Right now I am at Best Buy. I wanna take you in the bathroom.. Real Sneaky… And uh, I wanna pull your panties down, and start fingering you. Make you moan pretty loud so people can hear you, and them I’ma… eat that pussy, Ima play with that pussy with my tongue. I know you’re gonna like that. Let me know if you wanna hear more. Call me back. 

What does someone say to something like that? Especially if it is unwarranted? This is worse than a dick pic! Now, I know what you must be saying to yourself “Well what if he didn’t know it was the wrong number?” 

That would be a valid excuse if I had the voicemail message that said “You have reached ###-###-####, please leave a message after the tone.” But, I don’t have that. I actually have my voice. Anyway, none of this matters. I called him back and left him a voicemail telling him how I felt and that he should apologize and guess what? He did apologize. 

Today was an interesting day. First it was unwarranted dick pics and now its unwarranted voicemails? 



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