Reviewing a Year

I have a post that I wrote last year sometime during the first week of 2016, and I just read it today. I just wanted to react to some of what I wrote. For clarity, I will use a blue font for my reviews.

Hey Anita,

This is  New Years Day Anita speaking. I want to just give you a short little update as to what is happening at the moment, so that you don’t have to go back and read every single post of the year. One of your resolutions is to write daily.I never really followed through with this one, yet I did write a lot.  That shouldn’t really be a problem since you are gonna be home until the 24th. Another one is to go back to the gym and get back into lifting weights. Yes you want to lose some weight, who doesn’t honestly.. but that is easier said than done. Yup, I didn’t do that either.So, here is what is up. Here are the people in your lives so far…

Sadie– She’s practically your best friend. You have one semester left with her. Make the most of it, babe.She is still in my life, yet she did stransfer after this fall semester

As of now Anita, You still have no idea what you want to do in college. DO YOUR DAMN BEST THIS SEMESTER!! You’re thinking about Psychology. Keep thinking.I decided to go with Psychology as a major and I am currently in the process of thinking about adding another major but we will see. I wish you the best in this year Anita. It’s gonna be a good one, I can just tell.

P.S.,Let me know if you make it on to the TNH staff and or the Odyssey

This one line makes me smile… I ended up getting into both TNH and the Odyssey. I am only currently in TNH (and loving it!) but I stuck with odyssey for the longer part of the year. 

Now it is time for me to write another letter to myself for the following year 🙂

Dear Anita,

2016 was a terrible year for everyone even you. You cried every day of this fall semester, yet look at you. You made it. Now, you need to go out there and make more friends. College is the time to meet people that you can invite to your wedding 😛 But in all seriousness…Anyway here is what is going on so far. You are thinking of adding a second major, and we will see how that goes. You’re still in TNH so KEEP IT THAT WAY! You decided to write an album in February. Please do it. Step out of your comfort zone and redefine yourself. Work more on your podcast. I think it is a fantastic idea. You would be so gooooood at it! Maybe try and get that license? Things will be good for you this year. I know you must feel lost considering you lost almost all of your life in the span of a week or two, but that is how life works and you’re strong.Try and smile more. Go out there and make mistakes. Party hard or hardly party. You’re 19 and will have a ton of time to work later in life.-Anita



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