Faith in Humanity

Some of you may be familiar with the app; Whisper.  Well, I am quite a fan of it for several reasons, one being that an individual can get something off their chest anonymously and feel better as a result. However, last night I tried out something new, since I was feeling upset in bed. I posted asking if anyone would be willing to leave me a voicemail that I could listen to. I met a few people willing to do so but only two ended up calling me. 

One gentleman stood out. He was from Australia.

At first, I was worried that it would be considered a long distance call due to the fact that we lived on different continents, yet I gave him my number anyway. I wasn’t going to pick up either way!

He left me a considerably long voicemail that was both sweet and funny. A stranger, who knew nothing about me other than I was sad. Now,  before you say anything, I am aware you shouldn’t be sending your number out to strangers but no harm was done. I am an adult and can make decisions for myself. If any consequences arise from anything I do then only I am responsible for them. No one else. 

The point is that this voicemail has made me believe that we are truly doing okay in humanity and that there are kind individuals out there, despite what the media says.  Who knows, I might get a good friend from this. Even if we never talk to each other, he still made me smile, and that is what I was looking for.

People care about you, no matter what you think. Someone out there wants you to be happy, whether you know them or not.



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